People Share Their Reasons to Love West Norfolk

People in Hunstanton and King’s Lynn shared their reasons to love West Norfolk when the Love West Norfolk campaign went out and about.

In Hunstanton, on 27th March, town councillors got behind the campaign, explaining why they love West Norfolk. For Hunstanton’s Mayor, Cllr Adrian Winnington, it’s the ‘seaside, countryside and fantastic wildlife’ whilst Deputy Mayor Cllr Amanda Bosworth loves the ‘constantly changing sea and sky.’

Local businesses were also keen to get involved, as well as Hunstanton Library which has a Love West Norfolk themed display. And, members of the public shared their thoughts on what makes West Norfolk so special, including Mr and Mrs Cornwell who said: ‘Beautiful scenery, peace and quiet, friendly people, and not on the way to anywhere.’

Jo Maule, Locality Manager with Community Action Norfolk who was out and about in Hunstanton as part of Love West Norfolk said: “It was great to see the passion people have for the local area, whether they were born here or moved here, and how keen everyone is to share this with other parts of the country.”

Meanwhile the Vancouver Quarter played host to Love West Norfolk on 29th March when organisers got to meet shoppers and find out why they love West Norfolk. KL.FM also came along to find out people’s reasons for loving West Norfolk.

Amongst the reasons people shared were: ‘being by the sea’, ‘the history,’ and because it’s ‘compact, friendly and has everything you want’.

Season Lanckmans, Marketing Coordinator with the College of West Anglia, was part of the Love West Norfolk team meeting people in King’s Lynn. She said: “Love West Norfolk is not just about celebrating the area; it’s about the people who live here and call it home. Hearing and sharing their stories today has been a wonderful opportunity to find out what makes us different as individuals, but united as a community.”

Anyone who wants to share why they love West Norfolk can get involved online via: